A little gumball can do great things!
And so can our team.

Bubble2Work, a division of HarrysButtons.com at Easterseals, distributes candy machines to local businesses at no cost to the business. This microenterprise offers individuals with autism spectrum disorder living in our community an opportunity to achieve independence. Each gumball machine is placed in the community by a team of individuals with autism. Our team refills machines, collect the earnings, maintains machines, inventory and sales records and learn the basics of running their own business.

Each gumball purchased helps sustain this microenterprise, funds vocational services at the Easterseals, and helps our team of individuals with autism live an independent life.

For more information about Bubble2Work, or to request a gumball machine for your business, please email:


Easterseals hereby acknowledges Autism Speaks Family Services Chapter Grants
as the funding agency for the project leading to this publication.