Achieving Independence One Button at a Time! at Easterseals improves the lives and futures of individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other disabilities by providing employment opportunities. Our team is integrated into all aspects of business operations and receives individualized training with customized supports. Every product created at at Easterseals is an opportunity to achieve growth and independence. This team-oriented environment builds self-esteem and skill sets needed for future employment opportunities.

By partnering with at Easterseals, you will help us change the way the world defines and views disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and make a positive difference in people’s lives, every day. Here’s how:

  • We collaborate with you to develop and streamline customized solutions to meet your specific needs.
  • You help improve the lives and futures of people living with Autism through additional employment opportunities.

Our History was founded in 2004 by Harry Engnell Sr. and family to provide structured employment for their son, Harry Jr., and other individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The micro-enterprise was relocated to Easterseals in 2008 and donated to the non-profit in 2010. Initially located at our Tinley Park school & adult program, the business has since expanded to have 3 locations at the Easterseals Academies in Chicago, Tinley Park, and Rockford.  We have also expanded our products to include uniforms, t-shirts, and magnets.  Harry Sr. & Jr. now spend winters in Florida, but are still in touch with us and visit the Tinley Park location when they are in town. 

Since the inception of at Easterseals, we have employed more than 100 individuals and have made more than 300,000 products for 500 businesses.

Individuals Trained
Products Made (in Thousands)
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